Conversion Rate Optimization for Dental Websites

Gain New Dental Patients Without Increasing Your Website Traffic With CRO

How to Increase the Percentage of Visitors to Your Dental Website and Convert Them Into New Dental Patients

Conversion Rate Optimization (also known as CRO or Conversion Optimization) is increasing a desired action from a visitor to your dental website.

You have done all of the hard work of creating a professional looking dental website and are driving organic traffic with dental SEO and  highly targeted local PPC advertising.  But what is the point of all of this traffic if you don’t gain a new dental patient.  The end goal for getting new visitors to your dental website is to convert them into new patients and this is where conversion rate optimization comes into play.


There are many ways of engaging website visitors and turning them into customers, but it must be done carefully and methodically.  We have devised various methods of increasing your conversion rate with different Calls to Action elements (CTA), Sales Funnels and Split Testing (also known as A/B testing).

Conversion Rate Optimization for Dentists
Call to Action for Dental Websites

Call to Action (CTA)

How to persuade a prospective dental patient to take a desired action.

A Call to Action (CTA) is a web page element that entices a website browser to take action immediately that will lead to a conversion into a new dental customer.  An example of CTAs would be “Call Today to Make a Dental Appointment” or “Register as a New Patient” button or links on your dental website.

Conversion Funnel

The path a person takes from beginning to the end of your conversion process.

The conversion process starts the moment a prospective new dental patient enters your website.  You need to grab their attention with the Call to Action such as “Call Us Today for Your Dental Appointment” or “Fill Out Our New Patient Registration Form” or something similar.  The end of the conversion funnel is when someone has completed the actual call to action and becomes a new dental customer.

Sales Funnels for Dental SEO
Split Testing for Dental SEO

Split Testing

Testing one page or element of a page against another version to determine which one has the higher conversion rate.

Once you have landing pages, CTAs and a proven conversion funnel in place, you need to continually perform split testing (also known as A/B Testing) to determine which version has a better conversion rate.  For example, you test two different CTA buttons with different offers.  After a certain amount of time you compare the two conversion results and then use the one with the higher percentage.

We Have Proven Experience with Utilizing Conversion Rate Optimization Methods for Business Growth for our Clients

Converting prospects into dental customers using digital marketing strategies is part of our 7 Step Dental SEO Digital Domination Method.  We proactively monitor and continually optimize your CRO campaigns, making sure they compliment the  other digital marketing strategies we have in place to grow your dentistry’s business.


The ROI on increasing your conversion rate is one of the best investments you can make in any digital marketing campaign.

Increase Conversion Rate with Dental SEO

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