Social Media Strategies for Dentists

Attract New Dental Patients and Connect with Existing Ones with Dental Social Media Marketing

How We Use Dental Social Media Marketing to Help you Get New Dental Patients

Having a social media page is not enough.  You need to post insightful comments and information on a regular basis in order to attract new dental patients and maintain existing ones.

We will create or update social media profiles on the most important networks first, such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+, and share content that was created for your website on a regular basis.  This not only helps build connections with your customer base, it also sends social signals to the search engines that your website is relevant and fresh, thus helping your website rankings which then drive new website traffic to your site that can convert into new dental patients.  We then create and maintain other social media profiles on a regular basis, sending further social signals to the search engines.


By properly optimizing and leveraging your social media accounts, you can gain valuable word-of-mouth advertising from existing dental patients.  If you take an example, most Facebook users have 125 or more friends or fans, many of them in your service area.  If one of them likes or mentions your dental Facebook business page that is the equivalent of them calling up many of their friends and telling them “Hey, check out this great dentist”.  You simply cannot pay for this kind of valuable exposure!

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Social Media Marketing Plan for Dentists

Our Social Media Marketing Plan for your Dental Practice

In consultation with you, we determine what your business goals are with social media.  What do you hope to achieve?  Perhaps it is to acquire new dental patients, connect and stay relevant with current patients, increase your dental businesses brand identity, or perhaps all of these strategies.


We will perform the following tasks:

Map out your dental social media marketing goals.

Perform a social media audit on your existing accounts, if you have them in place.

Fix your existing social media accounts or create and optimize new ones.

Develop your social media content plan and content calendar, and post on a regular basis.

We Have Proven Experience with Utilizing Social Media Campaigns for Business Growth for our Clients

When DigitalToothFairy performs your dental practice’s social media strategy as part of our 7 Step Dental SEO Digital Domination Method, we continually optimize your social media accounts so that they compliment our other digital marketing strategies, ensuring that your Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts are driving growth to your dental business.


We analyze existing social media accounts by performing an audit to determine what needs to be addressed, so that you can start receiving traffic and the proper social signals for your website.


Some of the items we monitor are:

Impact - How many people did your social media content reach? How many impressions?

Increase in Facebook likes, Twitter followers, visits to your website.

Social media engagement - Retweets or mentions on Twitter; Shares on Facebook; Clicks on links in your posts.

Dental SEO - Social Media Tracking

Ready to Reach New Dental Clients on Social Media and Other Digital Marketing Strategies?

Request a free social media evaluation, and one of our dental SEO pros will analyze your existing social media accounts and overall website marketing to determine how we can help you get new dental clients through your website.

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