Local PPC for Dentists

Supplement your Organic Search Engine Rankings with Targeted Local Paid Advertising

How We Use Laser Targeted Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising to Drive Additional Search Engine Traffic to Get You New Dental Patients

Getting natural, or organic traffic from the search engines with dental SEO is ideal, but what about paying for it?  We supplement your “free” listings with highly-targeted paid advertising.

Perhaps you have tried PPC in the past, but didn’t get the results you had hoped for.  Or perhaps you have an existing paid ad campaign that is costing you a lot of money per month and you are not even sure it is producing any results?


Don’t just throw money at PPC and hope to get results.  We perform highly-targeted ad campaigns that are laser-targeted for your local area.  We want your dental practice to appear for patients as they search for a new dentist in your target area.


Let the PPC pros at DigitalToothFairy help create and manage your PPC campaign.  We primarily target Google paid searches with an AdWords campaign, but we work with Bing Ads as well.

Google AdWords and Bing Ads for Dental PPC
Local PPC for Dentists - Google AdWords
Dental Paid Advertising

Why Pay for Website Traffic when I can Get it for Free?

Good question!  If you already rank well, or plan to rank well  in the search engines, then why bother paying for website traffic to your dental website?  There are several benefits to showing up for both the free/organic and natural listings as well as for PPC ads.

Diversified traffic sources. Don't put all of your website's traffic into one SEO basket.

Quick way to get traffic to your website. Often, traditional organic SEO can take some time before your website is ranking. With PPC, you can get traffic within 1-2 days on average.

Easy way to test your keywords before committing to them for your organic SEO strategy.

Increase branding awareness and trust. If you show up for both the top of the search results AND for paid ads, this will create trust in your prospective patient's mind.

Your competitors are doing it. If any of your competitors are showing up for paid ads, then there is a chance that a prospective dental patient will click on their ad before they see your organic listing.

We Have Over a Decade of Experience with Driving Traffic and Growth with PPC Ads

As part of our 7 Step Dental SEO Digital Domination Method, we will set up and maintain your PPC program to work in conjunction with our other digital marketing strategies to ensure that your PPC program is geared towards growing your dental business in the shortest possible time and within your budget.


If you have an existing PPC account, we will perform an audit to determine what can be done to improve your ROI as soon as possible.  Many times we are able to not only reduce a dental client’s costs, but also increase the amount of clicks they get as well as improve conversion rates.

Over a decade of experience managing and improving PPC campaigns for our clients.

Improve click through rates (CTR), reduce click costs and increase ROI.

End goal is converting prospective patients into new dental patients for your business.

Dental PPC Experience

Want to Increase PPC Traffic to your Dental Website Yet Decrease Costs?

Request a free PPC strategy session and one of our dental SEO pros will analyze your existing paid advertising campaigns or see if setting up a new paid advertising strategy makes sense for your dental practice.

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