Retargeting / Remarketing for Dental Websites

Bring Dental Patients Back to your Website with Targeted Advertising on 3rd Party Websites

How to Bring Back People That Visited Your Dental Website and Convert Them Into New Patients

Retargeting (also known as behavioral retargeting or remarketing) is an advertising technique of showing ads based on your previous internet browsing or actions.

On average, only 2% of website browsers convert on their first visit to your website.  With retargeting, you go after the remaining 98% that leave your website by enticing them to return to your website using highly targeted ads.


You have done all of the hard work of making a professional looking dental website that ranks at the top of the search engine results along with laser targeted local PPC, but potential clients still leave your website for various unknown reasons.  But not before your website places an anonymous  cookie in their browser.   Later in the day, they load up Facebook or do some online shopping that is part of the retargeting providers network and voila, your dental office’s ads shows up, reminding them about your dentistry practice and they click through and make an appointment for that overdue teeth cleaning they have been putting off for too long.

Retargeting for Dental Websites with AdWords and AdRoll
Retargeting and Remarketing of Dental Websites
Retargeting Methods for Dental SEO

How We Use Retargeting to Gain You New Dental Patients

A properly set up and maintained retargeting campaign can help increase your dentistry practice’s brand awareness, increase potential customer engagement and add new dental patients.  However, if retargeting is done incorrectly, it can have a negative effect.  We follow a tried and true method of implementing retargeting and remarketing strategies for our clients.


Here are some of the methods and best practices we perform:

Create effective banner ads and/or text ads that entice visitors to return to your dental website.

Increase your dentistry businesses brand awareness with cohesive design and logo placement.

Enhanced landing pages focused on converting clickbacks into dental appointments.

Increase your reach with a large retargeting network while staying within established budgets and increasing ROI.

We Have Proven Experience with Utilizing Retargeting and Remarketing Campaigns for Business Growth for our Clients

When DigitalToothFairy sets up and manages your dental businesses retargeting strategy, we use a 7 Step Dental SEO Digital Domination Method.  We monitor and continually optimize your retargeting and remarketing campaigns while making sure it compliments the  other digital marketing strategies we have in place to grow of your dental business.


A well-implemented and optimized retargeting campaign can be an effective way to convert many potential dental patients into new dental patients.

Retargeting and Remarketing Experience for Dental Search Engine Optimization

Ready to Bring Back Lost Website Visitors and Convert them into New Dental Clients with Retargeting and other Digital Strategies?

Request a free retargeting and remarketing strategy evaluation and one of our dental SEO pros will audit your existing website or suggest a new website that can help you get new dental clients.

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