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7 Step Dental SEO Digital Domination Method

How we Use Our 7 Step Digital Domination Method to Get You More Dental Patients

Learn how the digital marketing pros at DigitalToothFairy can take your dentistry’s practice to the next level with our proven process of getting your website ranking in the search engines.


It starts with a firm foundation – your website.  Based on our professional analysis and recommendations, we either create a new website or redesign your existing website.  Next comes our dental marketing service.  We perform search engine optimization to make sure that your website is search engine friendly and that it follows each search engine’s guidelines.  Next, depending on your competition and how much you want to dominate your local market, we perform local advertising with a strategic local pay-per-click (PPC) campaign.  We set up and manage this to maximize your coverage online and drive additional sources of traffic to your dentistry’s website.  Next, we make sure your social media presence is established on Facebook and Twitter and other social media platforms if warranted.  This sends important social signals and drives more traffic from the search engines to your website.  All of the above strategies are geared towards targeted traffic for your dental practice website.  However, if potential patients visit your site but don’t end up contacting you, we then focus on a retargeting campaign.  A retargeting campaign showcases banner ads and text ads on many website that a potential customer visits, to keep your brand in the forefront of their mind.  When they need to call a dentist, they will think of you.  Once you have many targeted visitors to your website, it is very important to convert them into patients with our Conversion Rate Optimization strategies.  You have earned a new patient, it is important to follow up and get as many positive reviews as possible with a proactive Reputation Management Strategy.  We set up and manage dental patient reviews to encourage positive reviews and help you manage any negative reviews.

Dental SEO Services - Website Design

Website Design

Make Sure you Start out Right with a Well-Designed Website

Before we begin your digital marketing strategy, we analyze your current website and determine if it is effective or if we need to start off with a brand new website design.  If your p dental practice doesn’t have a website yet, we will create one for you.


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Dental SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Making Sure your Dental Website is Optimized for the Search Engines

Once your website has been updated or reworked by us, we perform ongoing search engine optimization (SEO) to your website to ensure it ranks at the top of the search engines to get as much traffic as possible.


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Dental SEO Services - Dental Search Engine Optimization
Services - Local PPC

Local PPC (Pay-Per-Click)

Supplementing your Rankings with Laser-Targeted Local Paid Traffic

Getting free website traffic is great, so why should you pay for it?  Because you might be missing out on even more traffic that can convert into patients.  We create and manage an effective local paid advertising campaign that helps you get even more dental patients.


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Social Media

Your Future Customers are on Social Media and So Should your Dental Practice

Do you think that social media is a waste of time for a business or have you tried it in the past and it didn’t work for you?  Think again!  Many of your future dental clients are using Facebook and Twitter, so you need to make sure that you are reaching them before your competitors do.


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Services - Dentist Website Remarketing

Retargeting / Remarketing

Get Visitors Back to Your Website After They Have Left

Retargeting, also called remarketing, is an amazing method of reaching future dental clients after they have visited your website.  Grab their attention by showcasing appropriate banner ads and text ads on 3rd party websites to get potential clients back to your site and contacting you for an appointment.


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Conversion Rate Optimization

Converting Website Browsers Into Dental Patients

Getting all of this new traffic onto your dental website will do your  business absolutely no good if people don’t end up contacting you to set up an appointment.  This is where Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) comes in.


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Services - Dentist Website Conversion Rate Optimization
Services - Dentist Reputation Management

Reputation Management

How to Get Great Patient Reviews and Manage Negative Ones

Now that you have converted all of this website traffic into a funnel of new patients, it is imperative that you follow up with them to get as many positive reviews as possible.  But what do you do when you get a negative review?


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